Our Story


Autumn Rush Vineyard is located in Johnstown, Ohio, in a peaceful farm setting in which to enjoy fantastic wine with family and friends. Autumn Rush Vineyard has been in existence since July 2017.  It began with our having a passion for wine and winemaking and desiring to share with our friends and guests. We are a small family winery that would not exist without the support of a diverse, loyal and spirited community of friends, family and neighbors.

Thank you all for your support!

We purchased the 16 acres that surround the Autumn Rush winery in 2006. For years, we maintained the property and dreamed about what would some day occupy the land.  We decided to continue to transform the property into an agricultural business of growing fruit, nuts, vegetables and native Ohio plants. We planted numerous pecan trees, sugar maples, and native trees. We added a pond and later stocked it with bluegill, sunfish and large mouth bass. Although we don’t allow fishing on the property, they are enjoyable to feed and watch! 

It has been amazing to watch this fertile farm land being transformed to reveal lush green meadow, soft rolling knolls, and natural creek beds. Flowers, herbs, berries, maples and fruit and nut trees and native perennial grasses provide a natural landscape and add to the attractiveness of the beautifully situated property. The stocked pond provides feeding, resting and nesting habitat for wildlife as well as provides a serene, picturesque, and relaxing setting.

In 2013, just ahead of two polar vortexes, our first section of vineyard was planted.  With the help of family, who worked tirelessly to get all the plants in the ground in one day, we planted about 500 vines. In 2014, additional grape vines were planted in a second section by these same wonderful volunteers! There are currently about 2 acres of grapevines planted on the farm. The grape varietals that we grow include Marquette, LaCrescent and Frontenac Gris. 

We enjoy farming and doing our best to be good stewards of the land by utilizing farming practices that preserve our environment, reduce waste, and promote healthy growing systems while focusing on quality. We do it all - - - from beginning our day in the vineyard, tending to the wine, then enjoying meeting our guests in the winery on the weekends. We want you, as our guest, to have an enjoyable experience no matter where you are in your wine journey.  We look forward to your visit with us. 


Jonathan and Denise