Artist on Display

Each month we have the privilege of displaying the works of very talented, local visual artists in our tasting room space. Please be sure to visit us each month so that you can enjoy all the beautiful works of all the artists. 





July 2018

About the artist
Gayla Smith… Gayla currently resides in the Columbus, Ohio area where she works as a visual artist and plays trio, duo and solo pop, rock, and jazz performances. Additionally, Gayla performs voice-over work as well as dramatic roles in local television commercials. She also composes and records her own original music. Gayla will be performing at Autumn Rush on August 11th.

Gayla's Art...
"Entirely self-taught, I began to experiment with all types of pencils, paints, sculpting clays, highlighters, markers, canvas, watercolors and types of paper.
I was inspired and encouraged by my mom, my artistic friends and many of the things I had seen in my travels while working as a cruise ship musician later in life.
Speaking for myself, I find creating something to be akin to a wonderful drug. I never really plan my paintings. I pick up the paper/canvas and pencils, paints and brushes and just go nuts. No rules. My life long love of the water and being near it has inspired the bulk of my work. Loving all that is whimsical, my friends and patrons also guide me with interesting subject
matter by request.
I continue to perform in the Central Ohio area and draw and paint as much as I possibly can. I hope my works brings some color to your world."