Artist on Display

Each month we have the privilege of displaying the works of very talented, local visual artists in our tasting room space. Please be sure to visit us each month so that you can enjoy all the beautiful works of all the artists. 





May 2018

Lori Clarke

The work on display is a sample of a series entitled Rise. It is meant to evoke a feeling of freedom as well as one of success. Much like conquering our fears, or rising above a challenge, these images beckon us to put forth our all. The birds depicted are either fully engaged in flight, or looking directly at you in a reflective manner. You can visualize reaching your goals while observing these images. Take in the focus of a bird in flight.

Notice how the paint moves around the birds, giving them lift and stamina. Each composition contains a spiritual reference, moving us to continue forward, carrying us through the battle which is life.  

Lori Clarke lives and works in the Granville area. She has been making, teaching, and selling art for over 20 years. Lori has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from Alfred University, in New York. She also holds a Master's Degree in Education, from Loyola College in Baltimore. Her goal is not only to make uplifting work, but to spread creativity, and encourage others to make art together. 

" I see art as a way to connect with others. As artists we are tempted to create in isolation, but art is a way to communicate ideas. If we can make art together, while laughing and encouraging each other, the focus changes from the end product to the process. If occasionally we make something that we like well enough to look at more than once, that is a bonus. "